About Us

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Blanco's Roofing & Sheetmetal is a private firm established in 1990 with strong relationships with many of the most reputable construction companies in Louisiana.

Blanco's Roofing employs well equipped workers that have passed intensive training to ensure the best quality roofing jobs in the market and are pro-actively trained for safety. Along with employing well equipped workers, Blanco's Roofing works with the highest quality of materials, and offers workmanship warranty.

It is also a pleasure to say, that after Blanco's Roofing consolidation as an important roofing company; Blanco's Sheet Metal, LLC was created to absorb all kind additional metal jobs/materials that homeowners want to add to their roof. As: Gutters, Awnings, Chimney caps, Louvers, Parapets, Finnials etc.

Louisiana experiences a lot of roofing problems due to hail storms, wind or hurricanes, Blanco's Roofing has experience with many of the insurance companies and are willing to help you. Thanks to excellent results through the years, Blanco's Roofing has a solid reputation as being a leader in the roofing industry. Call our office at 225-262-1980.